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Software runs your entire computer, down to the Operating System, the main base to your system. Software has a large impact on the productivity of the end users of that system. This means, choosing the right software can very easily increase productivity, ease of use, and give you new options.

Software Services

Only Popular Services Listed Below... JAG will install any Software... Call for Details! (610) 693-6873

System Restore Complete Backup, Format, Restore of Operating System, Installation of Windows Updates, Virus Protection Restore or Fresh Install, and Restoring Files.
Anti-Virus Removal Suspected Virus, or Known Virus that could not be removed by an application. We will remove the virus, and make sure your system is running smoothly.
Anti-Virus Install Don't have Anti-Virus or Ad-Ware Protection?, We will install a full or trial copy of Norton Anti-Virus along with performing system maintenance to improve your PC's Performance.
System Maintenance Download all Windows Update, Install Virus Protection (if necessary), and perform disk-cleanup, scandisk, and defragment your Windows PC.

All Services come with a Free Internal and External Computer Cleaning (office visits only), Free Spec / Upgrade Sheet, and Minor Training on Applications Installed.


     Anti-Virus Software is one of the most popular pieces of software you see from computer to computer. This is because of the 70 Thousand virus's out today. You want to keep your computer clean of infection and the only way to do so is protection. JAG recommends Norton Anti-Virus for home owners to the corporate enterprise. No matter what the work load Norton Anti-Virus generally catches all threats. Although can fail if not properly maintained. Anti-Virus programs need updates to stay on top of the virus situations, and they also need a subscription to maintain those updates. Generally Warnings will show you when your subscription is coming up for renewal, this is something you want to invest in. It's a valuable piece of software to keep your computer safe, both data, and hardware wise. JAG Computer Services will gladly give you a free consultation on virus protection and can even install the latest Norton Anti-Virus Trial-ware for free! This piece of software gives you a free 15 days then requires registration. This will insure your PC is free of viruses  before you purchase Norton Anti-Virus.


     One of the Latest trends is ad-ware, ad-ware comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Pop-ups, Search Bars, and More, can plague your system to an idle if it is not taken care of. Norton Anti-Virus 2004 has built-in a ad-ware search and maintains a good handle on Ad-Ware. Once Ad-Ware is on your system, it is very hard to completely remove. Ad-Ware is like a virus, it will go into your system, many times without asking, install an application, and then give you no recourse to uninstall. Many programs will remove ad-ware's many files but may never get all files, registry settings, and/or completely remove it. JAG recommends a Complete System Rebuild when ad-ware gets beyond control. A Rebuild, is when you format, and re-install an operating system. This will generally restore a computer back to factory settings, unless you purchased an new operating system since you purchase the system. This ensures all Ad-Ware is removed, and you are starting fresh. JAG then recommends that you install Norton Anti-Virus to control Viruses and Ad-Ware.

Office Packages

     Need a word processor?, There are many applications out there to aid you in writing a letter, creating a spreadsheet, or creating a greeting card. Although Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office packages, it is also the one that has a big price tag attached. Don't fret, there is an Open Source Solution, Open Source is a free solution to many scripts and software. One Open Source solution for office is called Open Office. It maintains the feel of Microsoft Word, and Excel... But is FREE. JAG Recommends to try Open Office for free before Purchasing Microsoft Office.

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