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JAG Computer Services offers affordable web design solutions. Geared towards the small business, JAG creates a dynamic, database driven solution when possible to fit the clients needs. JAG likes to put the websites in the hands of the client so that inventory, stock or schedules can be changed with a secure online section. With user friendly updating methods JAG Computer Services can help your company keep ahead of the competitors.

All web design is custom, and therefore is quoted on a per job basis. Because of the custom designs, JAG is able to offer a wide range of options including integrating graphics, current applications and may more. You can easily get started today for under $500, and have a fully featured site within weeks. JAG Computer Services then goes the extra mile to seed your site in over 10,000 search engines for free, gather statistics on the site to show were and when people view and hit the site. JAG will also check back with you in the coming months to keep your website up to date, and keep people interested. JAG will strive to help you keep your online presence the fullest it can be for the lowest cost.

Call or E-mail Today to set up a FREE 1 hour Consultation, and we will quote you a good price, for a great service!

How else do you market to 10+ billion prospects, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

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